GoFind Inc. develops, manufactures and sells low-cost, portable devices using sensors for GPS positioning, accelerometers for movement calculations, temperature for environmental monitoring and pressure measurement for height calculations for humans, pets and vehicles. 


The company is developing two new products for seniors: NudgeR®, a wearable device that addresses the growing need for in-home safety and care of a growing elderly population, and VoiceR, a voice-first software application that works with Amazon’s Alexa to enhance senior safety and well-being.


NudgeR is the first artificial intelligence (AI) implementation of a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for elderly people. NudgeR goes beyond traditional PERS safety features by using AI to address seniors’ physical needs, mental stimulation and social interaction.  For more information about NudgeR, visit www.nudger.life.


VoiceR is a standalone application for the Amazon Echo that works with the inexpensive Echo Dot. The app is available 24/7 and seniors can use it whether or not a caregiver or family member is available.