Frequently asked questions about Voicer, Seniors, Emergency Alerts, and digital voice assistants.

What is VoiceR?

VoiceR is an app that downloads to Apple and Android smartphones and allows the user to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa on an Echo Dot. Once set up, a user does not need a smartphone to talk to Alexa but must have a Wi-Fi connection.

Who is VoiceR for?

VoiceR was developed for seniors and others to provide safety and companionship. VoiceR allows the senior to create a list of caregiver’s and, if desired, medical personnel that will get a help request from the user if the need arises. Optionally, a 24/7 call center can also be added to the caregiver list.

How does the senior ask for help?

By directly asking Alexa. When an SOS from the senior if made, everyone on the senior’s caregiver list gets a SOS text message on their smartphones.

What else does VoiceR provide?

VoiceR works with specific Alexa Skills to provide seniors with various social interaction and wellness prompts, including reminders about medications and appointments, daily weather and news information, and quizzes to test the senior’s skills and knowledge. Alexa and VoiceR can also provide voice memos to provide companionship.

What does a senior need to use VoiceR?

The senior must have a free Amazon account, after which they download and set up the Alexa app from the Amazon App Store. They also need an Echo Dot for communicating with Alexa, which also needs to be set up (following the virtual assistant instructions from Alexa on the Echo Dot).

How much does VoiceR cost?

The VoiceR app is a ‘freemium’ product. The basic, standalone VoiceR will be available free of charge. Later on, VoiceR will be offered, for a fee, as an accessory for GoFind’s upcoming NudgeR®, a PERS (Personal Medical Alert System) device.

What are the benefits of having and using VoiceR?

VoiceR provides enhanced safety and well-being for the senior along with greater peace of mind for caregivers.