Quick Start Guide

How to Use VoiceR

  • Create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one (www.amazon.com). There is no charge for this.

  • Download the Alexa app (www.amazon.com/alexa)

  • Install the Echo Dot. Alexa is a default built-in virtual assistant for all Amazon’s Echo devices. You can easily set up your Echo system with the help of the Alexa App.

  • Go to your Alexa App. When you first open the Alexa App, you are on a home screen. On the top left of that screen are three horizontal lines under each other – this is the menu.

  • Tap the menu and scroll to “Skills and Games.” Tap “Skills and Games.” At the top, you will see “Discover,” “Category,” and “Your Skills.” Tap “Discover” then search and download the VoiceR app.

  • Go to “Your Skills” and find the VoiceR skill you just downloaded.

  • Tap on the VoiceR skill and you will see Settings. Tap Settings and scroll down the page until you see Permissions; this is where the Permissions are kept. You should grant all the permissions shown (Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and Reminders).

    You are now ready to use VoiceR with Alexa and your Echo Dot.

    To use VoiceR, say:

    “Alexa, open GoFind”
    Alexa will respond by saying: "Welcome to GoFind. To proceed further you must register your phone number. Would you like me to register your phone number? Please respond by saying Yes or No.

    You then say YES

    Alexa will respond: "Your phone number is registered. If you are the main caretaker of a group, you need to create a group. Otherwise, you can finish your setup by saying 'Done'. Would you like me to create a group?

    You then respond YES

    Alexa will respond: "Your group has been created, and your phone number has been added to it. Do you want to add your parent's or spouse’s phone number now?"

    Alexa will ask for the parent's or spouse’s phone number and you should tell Alexa that phone number. The parent or spouse is the only one that can initiate the call for help. Alexa will respond "Adding <parent/spousename> to the group as parent or spouse. Do you want to add more members to the group?

    You can say YES and add members to the group or say NO and Alexa will respond: "OK. You can add more members to the group later by saying 'add a member to my group.' Your setup is complete. You can finish by saying 'DONE' 

    To summon help, say “Alexa, ask GoFind for help.” A message will be sent to all contacts including the call center if provided.

    To use the reminders, say “Alexa, ask GoFind to create a reminder”. Alexa will respond by requesting what the reminder is for and asking for a date and time for the reminder. The date must be the full date like “March 14, 2019”, and the time must include am or pm (like 8am or 8pm). When the date and time arrive, Alexa will issue both a verbal reminder and a push (text) message reminder. Alexa will verbally repeat the reminder one more time. You can also add reminders that will repeat daily (for example, taking medications at a specific time) or weekly (having dinner at your daughter’s house).


Reminders are sent at the exact time and date that you set the reminder for. So, if you are setting a reminder for a doctor’s appointment in let’s say a month from today, you might want to set the date of the reminder for one day earlier.

To play the quiz say, “Alexa, ask Go Find for my quiz.” Follow the prompts in the quiz.

For an enhanced experience, download the GoFind Flash briefing.


You can use and set multiple Amazon Echo devices throughout your house for more complete coverage to keep you safe.